Welcome to NMA status page

If you are here you are probably having problems with your wesite or email hosted with New Millennium. Below is the status of our servers. If you do not see your problem listed – please email us at admin@status.nmassociates.com. Rest assured we will try and fix any problem as soon as possible.

Some things to try if your website is not working – try logging on to www.yahoo.com and see if you have internet connection. If you do not see an updated Yahoo page (one with current date/time) – you probably have an issue with your Inernet Service Provider (ISP) and should cntact them.

If you are having trouble accessing your email and are using an email client (i.e. Outlook, Outlook Express…) – try logging on to www.webmail.yourdomain.com (substitute ‘yourdomain’ with your actual domain). If you can log on to webmail – chances are that the issue is with your email client.

If New Millennium has set your domain up to use the Google mail servers and you are having trouble – then I’m afraid you need to contact Google.

To check the status of our severs at the Dreamhost Data center – please click HERE